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Asheville Chevrolet's Preferred Owner Program

Asheville Chevrolet is proud to offer the GM Preferred Owner Program to its customers. When you sign up, you will receive a Preferred Owner Card, which you can use to earn Reward Dollars from visiting our Service Department. You will receive 5% of the total customer pay amount as Reward Dollars that can be used on your future visits.

It's Easy, Fun, and Rewarding...

You start saving right away

When you become a Preferred Owner Member at Asheville Chevrolet, your Preferred Owner Loyalty Card is pre-loaded with:
$250 for your NEXT vehicle purchase (New or Used)
$25 for a future service visit


You earn every visit...

Earn 5% Rewards on any amount you spend in our Service or Parts Departments


You earn when you shop online...

With our GM-exclusive Points Plus! program you earn points at over 400 national retailers when you shop online for things you buy every day.

All you have to to do is log onto your personal Preferred Owner website, select a retailer, start shopping and EARNING.

When you visit Asheville Chevrolet, you can have confidence in the fact that we have GM-certified technicians using genuine GM parts that are engineered specifically for your vehicle. Visit our in-store cashier to sign up, or CLICK HERE to apply for the Asheville Chevrolet Preferred Owner Program card.

Points Plus!

This exciting new feature allows you to shop leading retailers online, where each purchase earns bonus points that you can use at our dealership. You will also be rewarded with exclusive discounts, varying from 1% to 35%. You can access Points Plus through the Preferred Owner website ( With just two easy clicks, you can open the doorway to more than 400 online retailers, carrying thousands of leading name brands. The participating retailers have your needs and interests completely covered, offering products and services from the following categories:
Home - Travel - Electronics
Sport and Leisure - Computers - Home Improvement
Entertainment - Apparel - Music and Movies

How do I access my rewards account?

You can check your rewards balance any time by logging on to your account online. To access your account, go to and find the Preferred Owner link. You will need your Preferred Owner Program account number on the front of your swipe card. You can check your sales and service balance, access the Points Plus shopping portal, update personal information, and more. We encourage you to check your account often to see how much you are saving and earning!

What does it cost to join?

The best part of the Asheville Chevrolet Preferred Owner Program is that it is FREE to join! There are no monthly or yearly fees associated with our program.

Using Points Plus!

How do I earn bonus points?

Earning is easy! Simply shop the way you always do online, but be sure to start your shopping by clicking the link provided on this website so we can track your purchases. We do all the work for you by automatically linking you to the participating retailer's website to complete your transaction.

How do I save money?

You save money by using our online coupons when you shop and by purchasing discounted tickets through this site. In addition, you save by using your bonus points at your dealership for discounts on service, parts, and accessories purchases. Explore the world of Preferred Owner shopping. Browse with complete safety, under the umbrella of the Preferred Owner Program. Use your own retailer account details, and earn further club or credit card rewards on top of the Preferred Owner Program rewards, which will be added automatically to any purchases you make, at the checkout page for each purchase.

How do I open a Preferred Owner Rewards Account?

Visit our in-store cashier to sign up -- or CLICK HERE to apply for the Asheville Preferred Owners Program card.

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