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Ashveille Chevrolet
Asheville Chevrolet in North Carolina

Contact Information

  • Sales:(866) 921-1073
  • Service:(866) 688-1210
  • Parts:(828) 633-4352
  • Dealership Contacts (866) 921-1073
    • Mack Alonzo Photo
      Mack Alonzo
    • Bobby Roussel Photo
      Bobby Roussel
      General Sales Manager
    • Stan Anders Photo
      Stan Anders
      Business Development Manager
    • Diane Hemphill Photo
      Diane Hemphill
      General Manager
  • New (866) 921-1073
    • Mark Hansen Photo
      Mark Hansen
      New Car Sales Manager
    • Dan Cronin Photo
      Dan Cronin
      Fleet and Commercial Manager
    • Matt Elliott Photo
      Matt Elliott
      Internet Sales Manager
    • Melanie Cutshaw Photo
      Melanie Cutshaw
      BDC Coordinator
    • Tony Valentine Photo
      Tony Valentine
      Sales Consultant
    • Paul Hellwege Photo
      Paul Hellwege
      Sales Consultant
    • Tom McCarthy Photo
      Tom McCarthy
      Sales Consultant
    • Bill Workman Photo
      Bill Workman
      Sales Consultant
    • Jeff Brewster Photo
      Jeff Brewster
      Sales Consultant
    • Kenneth Brandt Photo
      Kenneth Brandt
      Sales Consultant
  • Service (866) 688-1210
    • Wayne Smith Photo
      Wayne Smith
      Shop Foreman
    • Dwayne Burleson Photo
      Dwayne Burleson
      Service Advisor
    • Brandon Sisk Photo
      Brandon Sisk
      Service Advisor
    • Heidi Tucker Photo
      Heidi Tucker
      Service Advisor
    • Rosemary Yelton Photo
      Rosemary Yelton
      Service Coordinator
  • Parts (828) 633-4352
    • Tim Germaine Photo
      Tim Germaine
      Parts Manager
    • Mike Lance Photo
      Mike Lance
      Parts Specialist
    • Troy Price Photo
      Troy Price
      Parts Specialist
    • Todd Martineau Photo
      Todd Martineau
      Parts Specialist
  • Finance (866) 921-1073
    • Walker Stahnke Photo
      Walker Stahnke
      Finance Manager
    • Chene Flannigan Photo
      Chene Flannigan
      Title Clerk
    • Donna Greenleaf Photo
      Donna Greenleaf
      Accounting Clerk